I was born in Seattle, Washington, My Family was raised with good work ethics great attitude. We just weren't born to sit around, My Father had a background of hard working people in our ancestral line. It goes back to Ireland & Scotland Building castles and much more. Our family just liked to work hard and make things, Craftsmanship was what we were taught to do. I really enjoyed working with concrete

and could see all of aspects it was used for. I went thru high school and then went into the U.S Army. There learning how to Operate Tanks and go on Missions, and keep on target.

When Matt got Diagnosed with Fabry, when he was 28 years old it was a very hard thing to deal with for the whole family, especially myself since we spent almost every waking moment together i could see the pain in his eyes and see what it was doing to him. It really does alot to a person mentally, physically and emotionally. With the hard work that is entailed with Concrete and Fabrys Disease I knew it was really getting him down after he started the Fabryzyme treatment at UW Medical Center in Seattle. So we kept pursuing the concrete business as we decided to do. Looking to build our dream homes entirely out of concrete with all the beautiful works of art that we both had acquired the skills for as we grew older, we finally almost made it. Mind Body Float will be integrated into the house setting for a more relaxed home environment. Matt has pulled thru all of the drugs he was being administered at UW Medical Center. He no longer takes any Big Pharmaceuticals for Pain, Anxiety, Depression, only the Fabryzyme and a few minor Pre-Meds so his body will take the drug. Now being the Pioneer of

Floating with Fabrys Disease, He is Recuperated in a quarter of the time it would take without the tank. Able bodied to do mostly everything he pleases. I am very thankful he had the idea to start MBF and am looking forward to seeing the journey it will take us on to make this a better place for people. Mind Body Float Houses are in the works. Thank You for taking the time to read our story we hope it may help you along your journey thru this life in some way.


Open Saturday - Sunday - 7:00 am - 1:30am


Mind Body Float Sultan

32531 138th St. Se.
Sultan, WA 98294