Brian Blue Born June 22, 1954.

I was born in Seattle, Washington, grew up in the city of Bothell. My Family was raised with good work ethics great attitude. At a very young age I was given tasks to complete on a timely basis. We just weren't born to sit around, My father Harold Blue had a background of hard working people in our ancestral line. It goes back to Ireland & Scotland Building castles and many other creations. Our family just liked to work hard and make things, Craftsmanship was what we were taught to do. I really enjoyed working with concrete

and could see all of aspects it was used for. I went thru high school and then went into the U.S Army. There learning how to Operate Tanks and go on Missions, and keep on target. Maintaining on a steady level or things could happen and cost lives, it was a serious deal. Getting Married in 1977 to Kathy Jo Brown, growing up together since about the sixth grade. Raising three kids and doing whatever it took to keep the family going whether it meant going Crab Fishing on the Bering Sea for 6 to 9 Months at a time, working with my Brother on the Ocean Cape, King Crab Fishing in the Wild Seas, or pouring

hundreds of yards of concrete in large foundations on Lake Washington in Seattle, Washington. Kathy Jo stayed home to take care of the kids and work close to home. Starting My Own Concrete Construction Company in 1979, Northwest Precision Concrete & Construction was started up. We did whatever jobs came across the board to make things happen. Matt was born in August of 1983. Ever since a young age he liked to go to work with me. At about 3 years old he asked if he could quit going to daycare and just come to work full time? Instead of playing around all day he wanted to work in the mud and dirt all day with the tractors and concrete trucks. Eventually graduating high school from Sultan High School, then pursuing N.W.P.C.C as his career with me. I told him it was tough and relentless type of job to be in, but he persisted and I decided to partner up with him when he

was 23 years old after moving to Lake Chelan where we bought our second property to get away from the city life in the Seattle Area. We worked endlessly and did whatever type of jobs came at us to survive, traveling across Washington State. Foundations, Excavation all the way up to Precast Concrete, Pool Decks, Furniture, the more difficult project the more intrigued we were to make it happen, easy isn't how we like to like to get by.

When Matt got Diagnosed with Fabrys Disease when he was 28 years old it was a very hard thing to deal with for the whole family, especially myself since we spent almost every waking moment together i could see the pain in his eyes and see what it was doing to him. It really does al ot to a person mentally, physically and emotionally. With the hard work that is entailed with Concrete and Fabrys Disease I knew it was really getting him down after he started the Fabryzyme treatment at UW Medical Center in Seattle. So we kept pursuing the concrete business as we decided to do. Looking to build our dream homes entirely out of concrete with all the beautiful works of art that we both had acquired the skills for as we grew older, we finally almost made it. The house is being designed currently, construction will take place later in the fall of 2016. Mind Body Float will be integrated into the house for a more relaxed home environment. Matt has pulled thru all of the drugs he was being administered at UW Medical Center. He no longer takes any Big Pharmaceuticals for Pain, Anxiety, Depression, only the Fabryzyme and a few minor Pre-Meds so his body will take the drug. Now being the Pioneer of

Floating with Fabrys Disease and the Fabryzyme Treatments in the tank floating for 6hrs on the night of his infusions, plus all the other floating he does. He is Recuperated in a quarter of the time it would take without the tank. Able bodied to do mostly everything he pleases in life. I am very thankful he had the idea to startup MBF and am looking forward to seeing the journey it will take us on to make the planet a better place for people to reside. Mind Body Float Homes are in the works, we will release our design once complete with the Concrete Structures. Thank You for taking the time to read our story we hope it may help you along your journey thru this life in some way, shape or form.

Yours Truly

Brian Blue

Owner - N.W.P.C.C

Owner - Mind Body Float

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