Hi, Im Matt

I was born in the Seattle area, we ended up moving to the foothills of the North Cascades in a small town Named Sultan it was in the Misty Mountains just always lingering below the snow line in the winter months, a lot of rain. I grew up like any kid going to work with his father. My fathers Name is Brian he is Destined to be a Concrete Master. I always would go to work when i was younger I was given tedious jobs counting items, organizing, keeping the site clean.

I became more fascinated with concrete, I began to see so many things that it was used for and all the projects we’d do were very intriguing. Fixing homes, Creating beautiful Spaces for people to enjoy their time with friends and family members, celebrating all types of occasions. Concrete is the basis for all human life. The more i did the better ideas i would get for creating spaces that would do fascinating things to your body sensations like feeling you go somewhere else when you’d walk into a room or someones home, not just a conventional home, a place that made your feeling change because the type of environment was to be more in nature or any setting you desired. Thus making you feel more at ease than normal. 


It really intrigued me by the architecture and the rich history that it had. The whole country has a lot of very interesting aspects about it. So I started traveling so I’d see the world thru my eyes, just get out there and experience things in a whole new way. It was a very interesting and eye opening journey. Since then i have travelled around the western hemisphere, Maui, Costa Rica Several times, all over Western United States. I have met a great deal of special people along the way to say the least it has been a journey that has opened up my horizons like i never thought before. It has brought me a great deal of intuition and guided me on my journey in the right direction. I have lived all over Washington State, I’ve learned a lot from the experiences. I always fall back into my way of thinking about concrete which i love so much. Every year new experiences and many people to meet. 

At age 28 I was Diagnosed with Fabrys Disease. It turned my whole world upside down and it was ugly to say the least. It can affect your entire body and ruin you from head to toe, inside out and it can eventually take your life . There was only one option as far as treatment goes, that is a IV Treatment Drug Named Fabryzyme. It is an Intravenous drug, taken every two weeks for the remaining time i am alive. I was scared, and didn't know what to think, if i opted to take the drug nobody knew what would happen, maybe id have no reactions and be ok with it. If i opted not to take the drug my body would only be on a path to self destruction internally and would take a large toll on everyone around me. So i chose the only sensible thing to take the drug, it took 1 year to get all the paperwork, insurance and doctors lined up to do the IV infusions. The long wait made anticipation even worse, i was worried by the thought of everything about it. I thought I was tough, But Disease isn't an easy thing to take being diagnosed at such a young age. Fabryzyme came with a hefty Price Tag per Calendar Year. 

My first Fabryzyme Infusion was March 2012. Total time was 13 hours for the first infusion. I was Broken. It began to feel like id never make it thru. Knowing if I stopped what the consequences were a slow demise. I’d rather fight for my life as were only here once and thought i could never give up. So i persisted to take the drug no matter would happen. Pain was the worst reaction, as the Fabryzyme dripped down the line, cold it gave me the chills, being infused with a life saving drug but also Liquid Pain Inducing my body would pulsate with pain. I didn't know what to do. My Genetic Doctor Prescribed Demerol Shots 25 Milligrams we started with one, then went the list, any others available we tried a large variety, these were the ones that seemed to work the best for the situation, it kept on inducing me into a pain crisis every time i got infused. I was using 5 shots 25Mg IV Demerol, 20Mg Oxycontin, 5Mg Valium, also per 2.5 hours infusion at UW Medical Center.

It was too many drugs for one person to take in a 2.5hr session. I looked up high for help and knew that there were more options for saving my life and stopping this evil pain than was led to believe in our Society, Two and a half years after i started the infusions i got introduced to Flotation Therapy, Thru my Naturopathic doctor in Seattle who had mentioned some aspects of how it may help me throughout my life.


A year or so later during an infusion I searched it and found a Float Center near the UW Hospital. I then went, then i was introduced to Floating. My 1st Float i was instantly an avid floater, I was going to get a tank for my Fabry and Pain Control. A few floats into this new experience. I was relieved like never before from Float Therapy.


 Mind Body Float was Envisioned to have a Flotation Therapy Room that would change your whole bodily sensation when you entered into it, because the tank made you feel this special, and someone needed to Create a room like this. Our 1st room is called The Costa Rican Ocean Float Room.

Leaving you feeling as though you just left your favorite beach when you exit the Float House. We are a Family owned and operated business, our main goal is to help people “Stories are Antibodies Against Pain” The Mission we've started. The more people I get to Inspire & Change lives, The Better I will feel. I am going to Devote My entire remaining Life Energy to Floatation Therapy to show the world what it can really do to a person. We Hope to see you later Today at Mind Body Float!

Open Saturday - Sunday - 7:00 am - 1:30am


Mind Body Float Sultan

32531 138th St. Se.
Sultan, WA 98294